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Here's a primer on the A-to-Z of prison slang to help you out if you ever find yourself in the slammer. Advertisement. Read: Know Your Drug Lingo. AB: "Hold up, bro. You can't make a move on that ...1. It represents unity: The 213 gang sign is often flashed as a way for its members to show their solidarity and unbreakable bond with one another. 2. Signifies loyalty: Members throw up the three-fingered symbol to display their unwavering devotion and commitment to their fellow gang mates. 3. Stands for geographic pride: The number …gang, a group of persons, usually youths, who share a common identity and who generally engage in criminal behaviour. In contrast to the criminal behaviour of other youths, the activities of gangs are characterized by some level of organization and continuity over time. There is no consensus on the exact definition of a gang, however, and ...Biker Slang Numbers. A motorcyle club 1%er patch. By Icedragon (rocker), CC, via Wikimedia. 1%er (One-Percenter): If 99% of motorcycle riders are law-abiding members of society, the rest is the 1%. Advertised through a patch or tattoo, usually on a diamond-shaped back field. 1-Kicker: Starts on the first kick. Additional slang 24s All day. Active Dependable associate. Bait Obvious. Bare Many. Breeze Off Leave town/Disappear. Certy An individual who has gained respect from his peers. Cunther Used by gangs to describe a woman who is inferior to dogs. Dinger Stolen car used on a ride out or glide. Drawn Out Involved in gang culture or under pressure ... Each new generation of kids comes up with their own slang, which can sound slightly ridiculous and often confusing to the previous generation. In recent years, I’ve had to learn wh...Oct 27, 2023 · The most common meaning of "rat" in gangster slang is as a label for someone who betrays their criminal associates by reporting illegal activities to the police. Rats break the code of silence by providing authorities with tips, intel, or evidence that can implicate their fellow gangsters in crimes. As you can imagine, being called a "rat" is ... G Can Mean “Good”. Especially in text slang, G is an abbreviation for “good.”. For instance: “I just saw the new Marvel movie – it was G!”. “G looks on your new profile pic!”. Similar to saying “dope” or “fire,” G is just a casual way to say something is cool, awesome, or approved. It’s a quick shorthand popular for ...Gang bang. A gang bang is a sexual activity in which one person is the central focus of the sexual activity of several people, usually more than three, sequentially or simultaneously. [1] The term generally refers to a woman being the focus; one man with multiple women can be referred to as a "reverse gang bang". [2]1920s slang was prevalent all through the decade: from gangsters to the everyday civilian, learn what was popular to say amongst each other with our list.Firstly, the earliest use of gang to mean a criminal group is recorded as dating from 1701, so it has a long history of that meaning.A person who is active in a gang, especially a young member of a criminal gang; a gangster. American Heritage. Similar definitions. A person ...The origins of gank are unclear. It is possible it comes from a variant pronunciation of gang (ster). This explanation is compelling, as one of the earliest instances of the word comes from the 1987 track “Dopeman” by legendary hip-hop group N.W.A. On “Dopeman,” rapper Dr. Dre can be heard in an interlude: “Man, I can’t believe this ...Like Street, Prison and Extremist Gangs; Tagging Crews have their own language with varying terminology, slang and symbolisms. Click below for the Graffiti Terminology Section.The phrase 'Gang Gang' is a versatile piece of slang that can be used in a variety of ways. Most commonly, it is used to express agreement or to refer to a group of friends. ... On this page, we explain what Gang Gang means. We also show you how to use it with some examples. It’s a small part of the big world of slang, and now you know a bit ... Gang : The dominant meaning, similar to texting, referencing a community or tight-knit group of users on the platform. Gettin’ lit: Short for “getting wild” or having a good time, often used in party, dance, or event-related content. Going live: This can be an abbreviation for “going live,” especially when creators announce upcoming ... What does 'OP' mean. There are two definitions for and ways to use the slang term "OP." First is "OP" means "original poster." This usage comes from chat forums. It refers to the initial person ...Sep 9, 2023 ... It specifically features localised slang for Birmingham and the West Midlands, with some more general words also included such as nailed or ...The new name for the Tata Zica was chosen by the public. It's unclear if they know that Tiago is slang for a well-endowed "sex god." By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to receive newsle...Oct 7, 2016 ... hello, 'opp' is Opp is a slang word meaning opposition; it is often used by criminals to refer to their enemies, such as rival gang members.Over time, the new gang spread across the US. According to an FBI report, the Black Gangster Disciples were active in Memphis in the 1980s. Yet, as the group was growing, so was it splintering. The Black Gangster Disciples split into a number of factions, including the Black Disciples (BD) and the Gangster Disciples (GD).1920s slang was prevalent all through the decade: from gangsters to the everyday civilian, learn what was popular to say amongst each other with our list. Dictionary Thesaurus32. Bugger all. This is slang used for 'nothing at all'. When you've sat on the couch all day watching Netflix, you've done bugger all. 33. Bollocks. While it has a multitude of meanings, bullocks ...When Salesforce announced its streaming platform Salesforce+, the CRM Playaz’ Paul Greenberg and Brent Leary interviewed Colin Fleming, SVP of Global Brand Experiences at the CRM c...Our prison slang list is straight from our incarcerated friends. One of the best lists out there. Period. What's a prison pocket?Do you hear about slang words, but can't really figure them out enough to recognize them? No worries: Browse this list of slang examples and get better acquainted.Slang Term Meaning Example; Cookie: Vagina or vulva "Check out the cookie on that chick." Toss your cookies: To vomit or puke "The boat was rocking so much, I tossed my cookies overboard." Cookie pusher: Drug dealer, especially for cocaine or crack "My cookie pusher got arrested last night."Aug 30, 2023 · In this blog post, we will delve deep into the meaning behind the Slatt gang sign step by step – decoding its origins and shedding light on its significance. Step 1: Exploring “Slime Language”. To fully understand why people use the term “Slatt” as part of their gang affiliation, we need first to explore where it originated. 5. Pop: This term is often used by gang members or criminals to refer to shooting someone. It can also be used casually as slang for killing someone with any weapon. For example, “The hitman popped his target from a distance.”. 6. Smack: To “smack” someone is to kill them by hitting them with great force.Home » Environment and safety » Community safety and crime. Gangs and gang crime. Slang, brands and symbols. Gangs have their own 'language' of slang terms. If you hear …5. Secretive Language: Gang signs are more than mere symbolic gestures; they also serve as a secretive language facilitating covert communication between gang members. Each combination and variation holds hidden meanings, acting as a code that outsiders struggle to decipher.The same slang term may have more than one meaning: “plug”, for instance, may mean stab or shoot, or may refer to a drug contact or drug supply; “toys” can refer to drugs,...Rating: 6/10 All highly addictive and adrenaline-fueled things must come to an end. Netflix’s international hit Money Heist (La casa de papel) does as well. Worry not. For maximum ...Short answer: Common gang signs and what they mean: Common gang signs refer to hand signals used by members of street gangs as a form of communication. These gestures typically include specific combinations or arrangements of fingers, which hold different meanings depending on the gang involved. The precise interpretations vary widely among ...a termed used by gang memebers when some gang has a hit out on em.Jiffy feet. Florida. Dirty feet from walking around shoeless. Skills on the dance floor. Concrete. Kansas. Frozen custard with mix-ins—so thick it's like concrete (and not …Gang signs have a long-standing history and serve as powerful means of communication within these secretive communities. Delving deeper into the subject, this blog aims to provide comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions about gang signs – from their origins and meanings to their potential risks and misunderstandings.Ah, the illustrious word ‘chap’—a quintessential piece of British slang that adds a delightful touch of familiarity and charm to many conversations. In British slang, ‘chap’ is a term used to refer to a man or a fellow, often conveying a sense of friendliness or camaraderie. While it may seem simple on the surface, this seemingly ...Jun 28, 2023 · 5. Mob. Meaning – Slang term that refers to a large group of people who are often associated with criminal activity, often used in the gangster culture. Example sentences: He and his mob were always causing trouble. Mob, let’s go make a score! His mob always had his back, no matter what. The meaning of GANGBUSTERS is outstandingly excellent or successful. How to use gangbusters in a sentence. outstandingly excellent or successful… See the full definition ... gang· bust· ers ˈgaŋ-ˌbə-stərz . variants or less commonly gangbuster. ˈgaŋ-ˌbə-stər . Synonyms of gangbusters: ...When it comes to punishing criminals, there are different approaches that authorities can take. One of the most controversial methods is the use of chain gangs. This practice invol...Meaning of Gang Signs. Gang signs are hand gestures and nonverbal signals that are used by members of certain gangs to communicate with one another. These signs often represent the gang’s identity, territory, and beliefs, and are used as a way to intimidate or disrespect rival gangs and showing dominance in the community. ......

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Crips, street gang based in Los Angeles that is involved in various illegal activities, notably drug dealing, theft, extortion, and murder....

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Jun 1, 2022 ... Gang Slang for Texting · Chilanga Slang · What Does Mla Mean Sl...

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187 (slang) Section 187 (often referred to in slang simply as 187) of the California Penal Code defines the crime of murde...

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"temporary passageway" to a ship, building under construction, etc., ultimately from Old English gangweg "road, passage...

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The term ‘Crips’ does not actually stand for any particular phrase or acronym. The name was derived from a combinati...

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